What Demographics Can You Reach with Vehicle Graphics?

As a business owner or fleet manager, you are likely flooded with emails suggesting that you utilize specific marketing tools to boost your brand awareness and drive sales. Good advertising is never free, which makes it a necessary part of any business’s expense budget. But, how can you be sure that you are reaching the right consumers with your ad campaign? Today’s blog will cover how vehicle graphics in Raleigh, NC help you reach your target audience.

Consider Traditional Media

What Demographics can You Reach with Vehicle Graphics in Raleigh NC

Let’s take a look at who traditional media outlets appeal to before we answer the question “what demographics do vehicle graphics reach in Raleigh, NC?” Television ads tend to only reach people who do not have DVR technology or those who use one of the few online streaming services that have ads, and those ads are usually just from major corporations that have the money to afford it.

With the growing popularity of music streaming services, podcasts, satellite radio, and mp3 technology, fewer people are listening to the radio. And, those who are tend to be older. The same holds true for newspaper ads. Newspapers are experiencing decreased readership as more people get their news for free off the Internet. And, the Internet is not as good at converting sales as marketers would have you believe as more and more browsers offer effective ad blocking apps.

Consumers Can’t Avoid Vehicle Graphics

Reach Your Target market with Vehicle Graphics in Raleigh NC

Vehicle graphics stand in stark contrast to these other advertising options. They do not discriminate. They reach males and females, young and old, and people in all economic classes. They do not rely on algorithms or metrics. Your wrapped SUVs, cars, trucks, and vans will get your organization noticed just by driving around Raleigh.

Some views of vehicle graphics are very conscious, such as wildly-personalized, instantly attention-grabbing wraps that are seen, remembered, and talked about. On the other hand, there are other that are more subconsciously recognized. For instance, simple vehicle lettering with your company’s essential information and logo will enter a consumer’s mind without them realizing it while they are stuck at a red light. Both of these methods work on every man, woman, and child that goes near roadways, whether they are pedestrians, drivers, or passengers.

Best Vehicle Graphics in Raleigh NC

Here are some examples of how you will reach your target demographics:

  • If you are a pediatric dentist who offers a shuttle service to pick up kids from school, your wrapped shuttle will reach parents who may be in search of a dentist for their children.
  • If you are a contractor performing work in a residential neighborhood, your truck covered with vehicle graphics will reach husbands with project ideas or wives working on honey-do lists.
  • Vehicle graphics are also helpful for contractors who have referral relationships. For instance, a plumber may include a referral to a flooring contractor and vice versa.

In short, vehicle graphics reach all demographics because they travel around with you, like billboards on wheels. If you are interested in putting this marketing tool to work for your business, contact the friendly professionals at Elite Custom Signs today for a free quote!

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